About Me: The Short Story


Over the next few years The Hubs and I will be on a journey to de-clutter, purge, edit and de-stuff our home. We aren’t minimalists by nature or by circumstance but we have some big plans for the future and they don’t include a big space to hold Lots’o’Stuff.  There’s going to be soul-searching as we identify what really matters, figure out how to simplify our lives and learn to live with less. Along the way we’re also going to confront our debt, adjust our spending to live on less income, and – if the stars align – figure out how to get rid of some of the non-material things that are cluttering up our lives. I’m writing this blog to share our experience, keep myself honest and stay focused on the gift we’re ultimately giving ourselves. The Gift of Less.

Photo Credit: Jasmin Mori

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