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The Weight of Your Debt

Photo: Casey Allen via unsplash.com

Debt is often expressed in terms of weight. A heavy debt. A crushing debt load. The millstone around your neck. Debt? It’s heavy, man. How much are you carrying around?

I have debt. You have debt. Even if you think you don’t have it, you have it.  There’s that nagging little national debt that, believe it or not, we are all responsible for paying back. I’m a little fuzzy on the details of who exactly we owe it to. The banks, perhaps? The IMF? The Mafia?

In September 2015  every Canadian woman, man and child individually owed $17, 242.22.  I’m going to make it simple and round it up to $18,000 just ‘cuz that’s the way debt works. Unless you make a commitment to getting rid of it, it just gets bigger and bigger. That, and that the math gymnastics I’m about to do would be just too crazy if I got it down to the last cent. American’s owe an even bigger whack-load of debt, about $50,800 per person.

So just how much does that Canadian $18,000 debt weigh?

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