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This morning I came across a YouTube of a Tiny House in progress. (I’m supposed to be painting a wall in my office our den but everyone knows that a little YouTubing is an excellent motivator and a highly productive use of time, right? Not.)

My son has been obsessed with tiny houses for a while and more and more I share his obsession. Mine is turning into an obsession for RV’s because The Hubs is far more interested in living in an RV and I’m smart enough to know that unless the whole team is on board it ain’t gonna happen. Not without tears, anyway.

I followed the tiny house YouTube to the blog and (you know how this story goes, right?) I ended up reading the entire blog. Chelsea, the pen behind TheWhyNotHouse.com has only posted eight entries so it didn’t take long. But the pictures! I’m crushing on this blog and I hope she posts more soon!

Chelsea and Adam’s tiny house is parked in Portland, OR on ½ an acre and right next to a park. How much better could it get? And their tiny house is beautiful. It looks like a house I could be comfortable in, complete with a real shower, a washer/dryer, a full fridge and outstanding cabinets that Adam built.

Too many of the tiny houses we’ve looked at look like a collection of dumpster-dived cast-offs. I have fewer objections to reusing stuff than a lot of people but a coat of paint goes a long way. There’s being authentic to the source and then there’s just plain dingy.

Chelsea and Adam’s house has none of that vibe. Their house is a beautiful blend of new and re-newed.

Chlesea jokes that they could probably sleep eight or more in their tiny house.

I wonder if I can put dibs on a bed now.

What about you? Does the idea of living in a tiny house make you want to call up the chuck all that stuff and move into 150 square feet  of perfect simplicity? 

2 thoughts on “Tiny Houses”

  1. Yep, get this.

    Do take a look at “the tiny house blog” , quite inspirational . I lived for quite some time in a small cabin after sellining my big house, still love living in less than 900 sq feet!

    I travel in a 77 VW camper bus, again, the smallest of the rv’s so you only pack what counts!

    Great blog!

    1. Thanks Nick!

      I’ve been a fan of the Tiny House Blog for some time. I’m amazed by how little we can live with and once the “stuff” is gone, how little space we need to live in.

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